Online UV Printing Toronto

Online UV Printing Toronto

Online UV Printing Toronto !
Online UV Printing Toronto Lava Decor
Online UV Printing Toronto Plastic materials foamcore correx plexiglas aluminium cardboard wood substrates
Lava Decor is a professional photo online printing service. As long as you sign up for an account on our website, Lava Decor does not require further authentication. You can log on immediately, upload your own image, select the print image size and material of frame, and place an order! The rest is our task. You'll just need to wait for your pictures.
Lava Decor is run by a professional team of Canadian artists, and we can accurately restore the beautiful colours of your photos. The latest UV printing technology preserves colours even when exposed to the elements outdoors;

the colour will never fade. UV inks remain in liquid form until exposed to ultraviolet light. That's why UV ink does not evaporate, and virtually 100% of the delivered ink volume is used to provide colouration. Water based and solvent based ink only deliver 35-40% of the ink volume after printing, and will evaporate into air as time goes on. Water based and solvent based inks fade very quickly after 3~ 6 months. But UV does not, and provides vivid colour printing and fading resistance forever.

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Upload Photo to Canvas
Upload Photo to Canvas
Online UV Printing Toronto Lava Decor.
Online UV Printing Toronto. Plastic materials. foamcore correx. plexiglass. aluminium. cardboard. wood substrates.

Price Online UV Printing Toronto
# Price Media Color Detail
1 1.99/SFT Exclude Media CMYK For Any White Media Flexible Media and Rigid Media
2 4.99/SFT Exclude Media CMYK+White For Any Rigid Dark or Transparent Media such as wood glass mirror metal
4 2.99/SFT Photo Paper 350 gsm CMYK
5 3.99/SFT Aluminum Plastic Sheet 3mm CMYK
6 3.99/SFT Foam Board 3mm CMYK
7 3.99/SFT Polyester Canvas 210 gsm CMYK
8 3.99/SFT Banner 380 gsm CMYK
9 3.99/SFT Adhesive Canvas 210 gsm CMYK

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